We will tell you about life in Carmel, the history of this monastic order and our own spirituality. What’s more, we will introduce you to our community in Bruges, where candidates initially go to stay. We do this, for example, by sharing our order of the day, the ‘schedule’ of our monastic community.

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Becoming a mystic is not a human achievement but a gift from God. That is why the title ‘training course’ is tongue-in-cheek. Fr Paul De Bois offers a first introduction to Carmelite spirituality and the concept of mysticism. Sign up for the newsletter to receive more episodes.

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A calling for monastic life in the Carmel does not just appear out of nowhere. It is preceded by a time of reflection, prayer and discernment. It is also a matter of doing, daring and trying, by experiencing the life of Carmel for yourself. Here you will also find practical information about the process.

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Each person has a unique calling

“Our heart knows no rest until it finds rest in Thee”, wrote the holy church father Augustine. God invites all of us to enter into a relationship with Him and be nourished by His endless Love. Some people respond to this invitation in a special way. They choose to live a life that is wholly devoted to God. Not because this makes them feel like better Christians. But because through this unconditional oath, they want to experience their relationship with God in a more intense manner.

Fr Martin

Fr Paul

Fr Thomas

God seekers

This website is primarily intended for people who are looking for such a way of life where God is at the centre, and in doing so, are also considering the option of becoming a monastic. As such, we will offer information on all kinds of aspects that are important to those who want to explore this route.

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This website is an introduction to the development of monastic life in general and the Carmel in particular. Fr Paul De Bois offers an introduction to mysticism and to Carmelite spiritualit. We also talk about life in the Carmel monasteries and about the order of the day for our community in Bruges. In addition, we will provide practical information for candidates from here and abroad.

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Monastic life, like any life choice, is about finding happiness at its very deepest level. We are well aware that entering a monastic community comes with quite substantial consequences and – in a sense – turns your familiar life upside down. That is why we offer a balanced pathway of introduction, induction and formation. Several years pass before candidates are asked to commit to Carmel permanently. During this period of discernment and reflection, the candidate’s well-being is a priority at all times.
The Carmel warmly invites people for this journey of discovery, but places it in God’s hands whether a definitive choice for monastic life will be pursued.

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This website could be the start of a fascinating quest. If what you read, see or hear makes you eager for more, subscribe to our newsletter, so that more inspiration and information will come your way in the near future. Of course, you could always drop by one of our monasteries.

We would also like to introduce our life to those who have no monastic ambitions.

We hope this website can be an inspiration to respond to God’s invitation somehow, an invitation to each and every person to live in His Love.

Each person has a unique calling. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you seek support in this.